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Creating Fully-Functioning Visual Systems!

blind manThis lesson mentioned something maybe you’ve never thought about: the mechanics of Jesus healing a man’s eyes who had been blind all his life in John 9:1–34. (This is a reaction to the January 3 bible study lesson at http://www.ssnet.org/lessons/13a/less01.html.)

Since the blind man had never seen anything before, his brain wouldn’t even know how to look at things or how to respond to visual information. Jesus and God would have to give the man whole new habits and thoughts and instincts, because the man had never used sight before but was immediately able to walk around using sight. Otherwise, his whole new sense wouldn’t make sense to him.

It reminds me of the fact that, in the beginning, God created whole systems at once such as trees full of sap already fully formed and functioning as if they had been around for years; the sap didn’t have to slowly travel to different areas of the tree–it was just already there the moment the tree came into existence.

And every day God gives animals instincts to do whole behaviors that they don’t even understand. He still is the Creator right now, and Jesus was showing that creative power when creating whole new brain cells and nerves and even thoughts within a man who needed help.

~Lemuel Bach
(Praise Team Leader at New Horizons SDA Church in Republic, MO)