King David’s Love of the Creation Week

Some quotes from the Psalms are similar to the creation story in Genesis 1. Psalm 104 is especially interesting, because it actually parallels Genesis 1 in its topics. (This is a reaction to the January 21 bible study lesson at You can follow along in Psalm 104 here: .

The Psalmist writes that God wraps Himself in light in verse 2. Then, verse 3 talks about the sky, the clouds and the wind. Finally, verses 5–10 give a beautiful description of the land being under the water and then bursting out at God’s command. So far the beginning of this Psalm parallels the first three days of the Creation story: light and darkness, sky and ocean, and land and plants.

Then from there through verse 18, the Psalmist talks about the land providing water and food for the animals. The animals weren’t created in the Genesis story until day five and day six, but it seems like he’s still talking here about the creation of plants and streams on the land that happened on the third day and simply saying how they provide for the animals later.

If he is really following Genesis 1, what should he write about next? Day four, the creation of the celestial bodies. Well, in verses 19–23, he writes about how the sun and moon create the seasons and control the cycles of animal and human life.

What’s next? Day five is the creation of the animals of the sea and sky, so in verses 25 and 26, he writes about the amazing life forms in the oceans. He doesn’t talk about the sixth day of creation specifically, but talks about land creatures and man from verse 11 through to the end. He finishes this psalm simply praising God for His constant care for the Earth He created and then didn’t leave to fend for itself.

One of the main points of this is that the writers in the Bible took the Genesis Creation story literally, with its seven literal days. Many people today don’t want to do that, and they have understandable reasons for their beliefs. But it’s obvious that Biblical writers such as this Psalmist knew and loved the literal Creation story.

~Lemuel Bach
(Praise Team Leader at New Horizons SDA Church in Republic, MO)

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