There’s One Thing with No Beginning


Imagine a timeline of the universe, going back further and further before the Earth was created, labeled in millions or billions of years perhaps. At some point, since the Bible says “In the beginning,” there has to be a start to the timeline where the universe was created. Every other event followed from that, cause leading to effect on and on. But right before the beginning, God exists (and He exists all around and under and through the timeline, too). He’s outside of time, time is in Him, and He has absolutely no beginning, no cause, and simply always exists with no support or need. He simply exists; He is existence.

Everything in existence is a miracle constantly. It’s all supernatural in origin every moment. We are in God; we live and move and have our being in Him, the Bible says.

I’ve mentioned before that a prominent scientist stated that it’s a mystery why there is anything in existence at all rather than just non-existence. That’s true. If there were no God, why would anything exist at all?

Now, in all eternity, something either has to exist forever or nothing would exist, ever. And with no God, something unintelligent and unloving would have had to exist forever. Why? Because nothing can come from nothing, and so if there were ever pure nothingness in the past, then nothing would exist today. But something does exist, so we know there has always been something. (Thanks to C.S. Lewis for that argument.)

Well, even with God, it’s a profound mystery why He should simply exist–no time, no beginning, no outside cause of His existence, nothing else above Him bringing Him into existence. It almost seems crazy that He should exist at all.

But we either believe in Him, or we believe that something else has always existed, such as time, space, matter, and random fluctuations. Either some sort of combination of conditions and materials that creates beings, stars, pebbles, etc., over huge periods of times through random combinations, or a conscious, loving, eternal, wise Being Who creates everything when and how He chooses for pure love and joy.

~Lemuel Bach
(Praise Team Leader at New Horizons SDA Church in Republic, MO)

(This is a reflection on Ellen White’s words quoted in the January 4 bible study lesson at


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