Automatic Proof or Opportunity for Faith?

The main idea in the lesson study today was that since life fits so perfectly in this universe, we know that God designed it for life to fit. (This is a reaction to the December 31, 2012 bible study lesson at

Now, atheists see this argument from the opposite direction: they say that since life arose in this universe, of course it fits this uImageniverse. They think it evolved through some fairly random interactions within the rules of this universe. It doesn’t automatically prove to them that an intelligent Designer put the universe together first and then put life into it.

Of course, if you present this as your belief lovingly without expecting it to automatically change someone’s mind, the Holy Spirit should be there speaking to them, and they could choose to listen to Him at that moment. But that also might not be the right moment, so you can’t force it to happen. We have to be patient. Someone might not be ready to accept the truth one time but then ready to accept it another time.

Anyway, they don’t see this as a proof. They just see it as our belief.

This is an argument for the existence of God that relies on looking at the universe and how well life fits into our universe. I just think think it’s good to remember that logical arguments often don’t force someone to accept the truth. What does make someone believe in the Creator? Only faith can do that, trusting in His word more than trusting anything else, even science.

If you believe in God as the Creator, it isn’t because some scientific study makes it so obvious that everyone is forced to believe in God. No, it’s because when the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart, you choose to believe Him and accept Him. What can you do to entice other people to want to know God and to trust the Bible?

~Lemuel Bach
(Praise Team Leader at New Horizons SDA Church in Republic, MO)


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